Sunday, October 27, 2013

This November...

Join Manifesto-ish for a another thrilling online panel discussion:

Snap Happy is a video discussion regarding the effect of digital photography and social media on the field of photography.

The discussion will occur in mid-November

Discussion statement:

Photography has long been a medium of the masses. Accessibility alone has caused an immense proliferation of amateur imagery in this arena. Professional photographers have had a long row to hoe regarding differentiation between low and high skilled snapping. With the onset of digital imaging technology as well as social media, the aforementioned proliferation has sky rocketed. For those of us unfortunate enough to participate in the world of social media with regularity, we find ourselves bombarded by personal photography. I have spent many a misplaced minute scrolling through the Facebook photo albums of friends of friends (aka people I don’t know). Even beyond social media, the internet is photo-laced. These images often appear apart from context and origin.

It feels as though the photographic playing field has changed yet again. Manifesto-ish has invited a handful of photographers and artists to participate in this online discussion. At this point our roster includes:

Mark Havens
Stefan Znosko
Sean Corbett
Matt Zigler
Lauren McCarty
Christopher J. Butler

Here's a link to the Facebook event:

--Jessie Clark & the Manifesto-ish crew


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


One of my apolcalyptic jean paintings got into a show at TheaterLab via the Estrogenius Theater Festival. Here are some links for more information:

I was a juror for the following exhibition: check it out!

'Making IT' Exhibition to Showcase Work by Recent UArts Alumni

Juried show, featuring the classes of 2003 through 2013, takes place October 10 – 26 in Hamilton and Arronson Galleries

"Vines" by April Field BFA '11 (Jewelry).

Making IT: Alumni Works '03-'13" is a juried exhibition of works by recent alumni. Over 150 works were submitted by UArts alumni from the classes of 2003 through 2013, including undergraduate and graduate alumni. The 57 works that were selected create a coherent and innovative exhibition, showcasing the excellence and artistic diversity of our recent alumni.

This is the first year the exhibit includes an invitational portion. This year's invited artists are Michele Kishita BFA '97 (Painting), MFA '10 (Painting) and John Souter BFA '12 (Crafts), whose work will be featured in Arronson Gallery.

Making IT will be on display October 10 – 26 in the lobby of Hamilton Hall and the adjacent Arronson Gallery (320 South Broad Street), with an opening reception scheduled for Friday, October 18 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

"Composite 1" by Mason Owens BFA '13 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts).

Thank you to the Making IT jury for their time and expertise: alumna and faculty member Shelley Spector BFA '94 (Fine Arts); alumnae Veronica Cianfrano MFA '10 (Painting) and Jessica Clark MFA '10 (Painting), both co-founders and curators at CHER (CHampions of Empty Rooms); alumnus and faculty member Jordan Rockford BFA '00 (Photography); student and Gallery One President Sydney Andrews '15 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts); and Christopher Sharrock, dean, College of Art, Media & Design at the University of the Arts.

The alumni show will coincide with DesignPhiladelphia, the nation's largest city-wide celebration of design being held October 10 – 18;Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, a program of the Center for Emerging Visual Artists October 19 – 20; and the University's Family and Alumni Weekend, which will take place October 18 – 20.

"Disconnected" by Crystal Shephard BFA '09 (Graphic Design).

2013 "Making IT" Selected Artists

Michael Barakat MID '11 (Industrial Design)
David Boyd BFA '12 (Illustration)
Lorenzo Buffa BS '12 (Industrial Design)
Samantha Castrale BFA '11 (Photography)
Jonathan Chase BFA '13 (Painting/Drawing)
Marianne Dages BFA '04 (Photography)
Cory Espinosa BFA '12 (Multidisciplinary Fine Art)
April Field BFA '11 (Jewelry)
Regina Flath BFA '09 (Illustration)
Gina Herrera MFA '12 (Studio Art)
James Kaminski BFA '12 (Illustration)
James Lincke BFA '08 (Illustration)
April Melchior BFA '12 (Illustration)
Kelsey Niziolek BFA '12 (Illustration)
Mason Owens BFA '13 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Nancy Gail Ring MFA '10 (Painting)
Leontien Rotteveel BFA '06 (Crafts)
Natalie Rzucidlo BFA '10 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
Susan Seaton MFA '04 (Painting)
Crystal Shephard BFA '09 (Graphic Design)
Lindsay Sparagana BFA '06 (Photography)
Timothy Walsh BFA '07 (Graphic Design)
Shannah Warwick BFA '02 (Printmaking)
George Wylesol BFA '12 (Illustration)
Keith Yahrling BFA '08 (Photography0
Matt Zigler MFA '10 (Painting)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

BAPI Project

So I have a new project via BAPI. It functions like an exquisite corpse, only there are no cadavers involved here. Below you will find a few images from that project as well as a link to the BAPI blog.