Sunday, March 17, 2013

Champions of Empty Rooms--Call for Art

Some of you may know I am co-founder of a pop-up gallery in Philadelphia. Well, ChER is hosting yet a another bad-ass, sad-ass group show. The show will be held at Salon 1522 in May.


Sometimes the world seems kind of, well, screwed. Economic upheaval is rampant, bee populations are dwindling, Earth's fresh water wells are running dry while sea levels rise, and it would seem it's suddenly acceptable to shoot adolescents just so long as one does so in “self-defense.” These factors alone are enough to squelch optimism in even the most fresh-faced youth of today.

And yet, somehow we continue to plan, make, build, and even laugh. We continue to create; acts of artistic creation are about as hopeful as you can get. These hopes range from quiet and unassuming to high flying and grandiose—what matters is that hope remains. Without further ado, ChER Collective invites you to submit work running the thematic gamut, from the most furious and hazy dark cloud to the puffiest, perfect white cumulus onward to blue skies shining on me. {No} Hope is to be comprised of work running the spectrum: from unabashed optimism to borderline Emo-eye-liner wearing-pessimism right on down to Apocalyptic despair.

Here's a link to our call for art on the old Facebook (more application deets can be found there):